Hot Conservatory Solutions

High Performance Window Films solar film can be much more effective than conservatory blinds and a lot cheaper, also blinds attract dust, dead insects and fade over time.

Our silver reflective solar film for conservatory roofs is suitable for glass roofs (not polycarbonate) and also side windows. The film offers great solar rejection, reducing the suns heat, glare and ultra violet rays significantly.

The film can be fitted to the inside of the conservatory roof, as well as the vertical windows, it reflects solar heat by up to 78% making it much cooler in summer months, where conservatories can often be unusable. The solar film also helps to reduce glare by 83%, making it much easier to view TV screens or read books when the suns out. Solar film reflects 99% of harmful UV rays, this means that the film will reduce the effect of the sun fading your furnishings significantly see causes of fading in residential.

Blinds can work well to provide shade, as does our solar window film, however it's not usually as good at reducing the heat, even if you buy expensive solar blinds. This is because the heat has already entered the conservatory and the gap between the roof and the blinds then gets very hot. In turn, this heats up the blind and radiates that heat back into the conservatory.

Window film, on the other hand, is installed directly onto the glass and so reflects the heat away before it enters your conservatory. Conservatory blinds hold up dust and dead insect, they require regular cleaning on a daily basis. This dust also drops down onto your furniture making it a constant battle to keep the conservatory tidy, solar film is completely maintenance free, it doesn't attract any more dust than the glass did before you installed the film. It only needs to be cleaned as often or as little as you used to clean the glass prior to installation. See window film after-care.

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