About Us

High Performance Window Films is an independent business offering an affordable and reliable service whether you have a multi-storey office building that needs serious heat or glare control, or a conservatory at home that heats up to extreme temperatures.

High Performance Window Films has over 35 year's of installation experience in providing the solution you need. Our goal is to provide high-quality window protection customized to your living or work environment. Quality window films enable dramatic energy savings & improved comfort through heat reduction while protecting your interior furnishings through fade reduction and added safety from break ins and shattering glass.

Benefits of Window Film

  • Reduce heat transmitted
  • Reduce annoying glare
  • Block 99% of ultra violet rays
  • Dramatically reduce fading of furnishings
  • Increase glass privacy
  • Strengthen glass, thus improving safety
  • Protect surfaces from the effects of graffiti
  • Enhance your office with decorative frosted design

Our Services


Is window film expensive?

The average installation costs less than most other window treatments. Combined with protection against fading and reduced air-conditioning costs, this means window film offers a great return on investment!

How long does window film last?

Window films are extremely durable and typically last 5-10 years and more, depending on where they are applied. There are documented cases of films lasting longer than this

Is window film easy to clean?

Yes, we recommend that window film be cleaned with soapy water and a soft cloth. Window film is a smoother surface than glass, making your windows even easier to clean!

Can window film make glass a one way mirror?

With the correct lighting, advanced films can offer a one way mirror look. As long as the mirror side is slightly brighter, we can offer you the ultimate in privacy.

Does window film bubble or peel?

No, High performance window films are constructed by the world's best manufacturers and are guaranteed not to bubble or peel.

What happens if I want it removed?

No problem. The film itself can be pulled from the glass which will generally leave adhesive residue on the glass. This is removed by spraying with soapy water and using a razor-scraper. No need for any over-powering adhesive removers.

Will window film stop my conservatory overheating?

The use of a high performance window film will dramatically reduce conservatory overheating making the space much more user friendly.